The Adventures of Jabu & Friends trilogy

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An orphan, running from loss, trying to survive in an oppressive regime. Drawn to the lure of the ocean. A chance find. A broken surfboard on a beach promises something new. Can Jabu find a place to call home and help the homeless "Father's boys"? Is forgiveness possible?

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A furious storm, a clumsy
gun-wielding monkey, a charging rhino, rogue waves and foolish courage must combine if Jabu and friends are to pull off a daring rhino rescue, an incredible kidnapping escape and save an animal orphanage from impending shutdown.


Nikau's life changes the day his father is released from prison. Blinded by his need for the father he never knew, he makes mistakes that drag him into deep jeopardy. On an erupting volcano, Nikau will need to have an epiphany and learn the truth about his past if he has any hope of surviving - or saving his sister, as well as Jabu and friends.

Auckland, New Zealand     I