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about green room house

Green Room House is a publishing imprint for author
Kate S Richards. '
Trainsurfer' is the first novel published by Green Room House.


The name of the imprint comes from the home for Kids Surf 4 Life, the fictitious surfing school for street-children that features in 'Trainsurfer'.


In the story, the house was named after the mythical 'green room' experience.

"Turquoise and translucent greens surrounded her as if she was in a magical world of glass and crystal. Billie raced through the barrel and realised she was finally in the green room. The crest of the wave curled over her but held its shape. An exquisite tube enveloped her in its secret embrace. It was narrowing quickly, like a funnel, but Billie bent low and focused on remaining side-on to the face, seemingly propelled forward quicker than the slowly breaking wave.  She ran one hand through the adjacent wall of water to steady her.


She was shooting through space and time, like a rocket, blasting across the universe -- away from Kyle and his nastiness..."


pg 51, 'Trainsurfer'

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