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Maia & the Mermaid Princess

"Heartwarming fantasy story for 8-12 year old readers"

- Maria Gill, award winning New Zealand author and winner of the Supreme Book of the Year prize in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

Maia & the Mermaid Princess

Enter a world of mermaid royalty, dolphin communication, and magical mystery.

Princess Henrietta, a beautiful mermaid, loves collecting pets, but when she takes in a knobbly-kneed creature, she doesn’t realise what it could cost him.

On land, Maia is excited to spend her holidays with her marine biologist father, where she discovers her ability to communicate with dolphins. It comes with a responsibility she never imagined.

As she tries to understand her gift, her best friend, Jude-the-sleuth, investigates a boy's suspected drowning, trying to uncover an elusive truth. With time running out, Maia must make a courageous choice, or someone will be in grave danger. Join Maia and her dolphin friends on an enchanting journey filled with mermaid magic and mischief.


Maria Gill, KidsBooksNZ

With themes of friendship, courage and risk taking, and marine conservation it's a junior fiction book for 8-12 year old readers.

Would make a stimulating read aloud in the classroom as it will start discussions about human's need to stop over-fishing and clean up our waters.

Adele Broadbent,
What Book Next?

The title gives the reader a hint of the fantastical element of this tail (I mean tale) and we are taken into the depths of a world of pomp, ceremony, and royal traditions, before meeting a warrior Merman with an evil agenda.

Jennie Rosenblum,
editor & reviewer

Richards skillfully ventures into the realm of light fantasy for middle schoolers, infusing her narrative with her usual brand of captivating storytelling.
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