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"NZ Study Books for Middle Years that really work!"

"‘Trainsurfer’ is an easy to read book and very well written. From the very first page, the story is captivating, making the book difficult to put down."

A series of exciting events propels the reader forward at a fast pace – an adventure that educates as well. Characters which are culturally and ability diverse are authentic and believable.

Jennie Rosenblum

Jennie Rosenblum

Jennie Reads

"I read them all so you can read the best" A book review on her blog.

Julia Walker

Julia Walker

Julia Picks 1

Avid reader and blogger. A book review on her blog.


Indie Authors Monthly 
July/Aug 2018

Erica's Summer Picks

Erica reviews Trainsurfer in her Summer Kidlit pics, page 6.

Jennie Rosenblum

Award Winning Author

Connie Huddleston

"On Monday mornings, I post an author interview and a review of their book/s."

Julia Walker

Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews

5 out of 5 based on the opinion of ten people.


Bob's Books Blog

A review of Trainsurfer by Bob, who is passionate about promoting reading and lit

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