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Nikau's Escape book cover

"Nikau’s Escape is an exciting rollercoaster ride in more ways than one. I read this book as a beta reader but couldn’t wait to get my own copy as soon as it came onto the virtual shelves.


The characters are well drawn and the situations they get into are sometimes terrifying. There is a wonderful sense of place and the setting reads almost like a character in its own right.


It reads well as a standalone but is also a great finale to the series. Perfect for older teens"

Kate Darbishire, author of Speechless

After his father is released from prison, Nikau does his Dad a favour that
embroils the teen in a web of danger. Family secrets have blinded Nikau to the truth, the trouble is, he will need to face up to who his father is while they are stranded on an exploding volcano, if they are to survive.

The final instalment in the series, Adventures of Jabu & Friends.

It can be read as a stand-alone story.

A thrilling adventure with a touch of romance.



In volcanic terrain, legendary mountain warriors battled for a beautiful bride. It is here, that Jabu finds himself thrust into another adventure. He is equally beguiled by Pania and Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Snowboarding on a mountain sounds exciting, but he doesn’t expect to be near the top when Ruapehu erupts.

Further down the volcano …

Faced with a wall of snow, Nikau digs like a dog on a beach, but he can’t find his sister. The avalanche has swallowed her. “Give her back!” he roars at the mountain, but it remains unmoved. Rock bombs sear through the sky, propelled by jets of ash and he knows he must flee. Pania would want that. He snowboards away, escaping the eruption and a roiling lahar, to seek shelter. Deep in the indigenous woodland, he finally learns his family’s secrets. He will need to face off with his ex-jailbird father and grapple with the truth behind his parents’ divorce. Survival and loyalty are at stake.


This coming-of-age Young Adult adventure is a celebration of the captivating land of Aotearoa. There is a glossary of terms with Te Reo, Zulu and other words that need explanation.

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