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Saving Thandi book cover

After an accident that left Ice with a permanent disability, the last thing he needs is an adventure. The trouble is, the rhinos need saving, his friends are in danger, and he may be the caring hero they all need.

Saving Thandi is the sequel to Trainsurfer.

It can be read as a stand-alone story.

A conservation mystery-adventure with a host of lovable heroes and heroines, and mischievous animals.



After losing the use of his legs in a trainsurfing accident, Ice finds himself at a dead end. In despair, he visits his friend Jabu, who invites him on a game reserve trip. The purpose of the journey is to photograph teen surfing prodigy, Alexia, with rhino calves. From the outset, Ice clashes with the precocious Alexia, leading to comedic disaster.

Meanwhile, an insider is leaking information to a dangerous crime syndicate, and poachers are killing rhinos for their horns. Saskia, the game ranger's wife, is doing all she can to rehabilitate the orphaned rhinos and finds Ice to be a rock in times of distress.

Alexia is lured into a dangerous trap on a luxury yacht, off the coast of Mozambique. She needs a hero. Ice, Jabu and friends will need to think fast and agree on whom they can trust, and who is working with the enemy.

Can this mismatched group of teens outwit the poachers, with the chaotic help of a ventriloquist raven and a bling-loving monkey? The stakes are high, but friendship and teamwork are a considerable force. Saving Thandi is a conservation adventure first, but it is also a story about a teenage boy who realises his purpose in life.

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