#NZReadaloud reflections

In term 2, Trainsurfer was the novel study for #NZReadaloud for year 9 students. Mrs Karen Wilson, the teacher who organised the Y9 novel study, created excellent resources which the students worked through. At the end of the term, the students uploaded their reviews to Goodreads. I want to share a few with you:

"I read the Trainsurfer as part of the New Zealand ReadAloud. Start and end dates were the 31th of May to the 9th of July. I thought the book was unique and gave its own message to the reader. I have never read anything like this book. The message that I got from the book was to be inclusive of everyone no matter what skin colour they are. Billie was my favourite character because she is very kind hearted and willing to help anyone who is maybe having a hard time or in need of help. From my perspective the book was a good age bracket for 13-14 year olds. Overall I really enjoyed the book." Olivia
"I thought Trainsurfer was an interesting book and a good read. I liked the storyline and the characters and the book really got me hooked. I found myself wishing I had English every day so we could listen to the book which was part of New Zealand ReadAloud. It showed diversity and the troubles that some people go through. I liked Billie the most because she was kind and was the first to be friends with Jabu. Billie reminds us that we should always do the right thing even though others are not always agreeing with you. This book is good for people ages 13-14 and all our English class really liked it." Eliana

"It was a good book full of the ups and downs of all the friends and covered lots of different locations and scenes. It was full of action and adventures. When the police came it was exciting." Callum

"An African teen boy, Jabu, becomes friends with some other teens and learns to surf. They come together to help others get off the street like Jabu was after his mother died. Using perseverance, kindness and collaboration, the teens can turn a bad situation into good. It’s clear that everyone can improve their life if they take any opportunity. I think young teens will enjoy it. All round I really enjoyed Trainsurfer." Jade

"Our teacher brought the book into class for us to read and do different activities with. It was a good book that has lots of action like surfing, tricks and going where th